16. Sasa Scheiner

Nature plays and important role in Sasa’s sculptural and functional ceramic art.

– Sasa Scheiner –

232 Tooheys Mill Road Fernleigh NSW 2479
Contact: 0409 775 516

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Nature plays an important role in Sasa’s ceramic art, having a powerful influence on the pure sensual forms that she creates which are inspired by the ocean and rock formations. Sasa’s pieces have unusually unique surfaces, being the outcome of years of technical research using a wide range of aggregates and ash glazes. Electric kiln firing leaves an atmospheric effect on the final surface of her works, and her shapes and surfaces invite viewers to engage in a tactile response. Using both light and dark iron clays Sasa creates a varied palette.

Sasa’s passion for pottery developed in London over twenty years ago. In 2000 Sasa began pottery under the tutelage/mentorship of Barbara Campbell-Allen at the Workshop Art Centre (WAC), in Sydney. For ten years Sasa worked as Technical Assistant and Studio Manager in the Ceramic department at the WAC. Sasa also spent time at Brookvale Tafe developing a solid grounding in ceramic technical practice. In the school holidays Sasa runs kids clay workshops.

Sasa last exhibited in July 2016 at Mu Gallery in Mosman Sydney. Today her works are in private collections in South Africa, England and Australia (including Parliament House, Canberra).



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