18. Hoof Print Pottery

Wheel, Slab, Ash, Glazes, Colours, Textures, Influences Australian Outback Landscape, PNG, Japan.

At the age of 17 I attended RMIT and studied the basics of pottery including throwing technique. It proved to be a life long passion.

I love the strength, plasticity and texture of clay, the metamorphis through fire back to its origins of rock and stone. Most of my work is wheel thrown, some shapes and surfaces altered reflecting the natural formations and weathering of landscape. Rock and ash glazes express a feel of place and colours of the Australian bush,the elements of water,wind and fire,a natural progression from raw soft and sticky clay to rock hard pieces with textures of the land.

Living in the Byron Bay hinterland and travel in the outback influenced my work, as has more then 30 years potting in Wau Papua New Guinea. Isolation was as beneficial as it was difficult enabling me to develop an individual style. I dug and prepared my clay bodies, crushed local rocks for glazes and built several kilns. Five mixed media exihibitions were held through out PNG and my ceramics are in private collections throughout the Pacific, in Amercia, UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Janet Fraser

16 Taylors Rd Nashua, NSW 2479

0409 291 263


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