17. Cindy Hawkins

Hand built porcelain and mixed clay sculptures representing the beauty of flowers.

My piece of paradise in the hills of Coopers Shoot is always a constant form of inspiration and sanctuary, especially so now in this changing world that we all live in. My garden has become my bubble, my gym and my life for the time being and is my inspiration for my creations.

My shed and working with clay compliments how I feel about the beauty around me and how amazing nature is at creating sculptures in the way of flowers. I love how the environment dictates what will grow and thrive and what will not, working with clay can be just as challenging as the clay will do what it wants and not always what I want, yet it’s oh so exciting when a piece works.

My pieces are continuously evolving and are all stand alone pieces that can be hung on walls, displayed on desks in bookcases and can even stand on combustible fire places. They all add colour and warmth to our house.

Cindy Hawkins

11 Baileys Rd Coopers Shoot,
NSW 2479

(Park on the road and walk up the driveway)

0409 306 060

accepts credit card or cash


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