15. Greda Ceramics

Functional wares and Artistic pieces, dinner sets, bowls, travel cups, pots.

I have always had a connection with mother earth, which I started to improve with formal qualifications in the field of horticulture. My love of nature transitioned from nurturing plants and working with soil to a more creative aspect of using clay to create earth friendly products such as reusable travel cups. I am looking forward to the future as I continue to study into the field of Art Therapy using clay.
Working mostly with stoneware I enjoy producing functional everyday table ware to planters, dinner sets are all hand built, it gives me great pleasure to create beautiful items that are timeless and will last forever.

In January 2020 I had the great opportunity to join the Arts Yard in Bangalow, where I have my own studio within a community of talented artist. The gallery opens to the public Thursday to Saturday showcasing all the artist work. Offering in studio workshops and studio use by appointment.

Jenny Coleman

99 Lismore Rd Bangalow, NSW 2479

(Arts Yard, off street parking Lismore Rd)

0144 800 2035

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