11. Pottery to the Max

Handbuilt ceramics decorated with coloured slips and fired to midrange.

I spend two days a week making pottery and the rest of the week I dance as I am part of a dance company called Sprung performing around Australia.
The last two years I have experimented with clay slaps (rolled out clay) and coloured slips with the guidance of my pottery coach Claudia. We work in Claudia’s beautiful studio just five minutes out of Mullumbimby.

I enjoy the freedom of decorating the surfaces with brushes, stencils, any stamps I can find and sgraffito techniques. I never make two pieces the same and love to come up with new ideas.

I have mostly made bowls and plates but just learned to slip cast my first few cups.

Max started his ceramics career in 2013 and over the last six years has developed his own artistic expression finding his unique way of surface decoration. A few years ago, Max won a grant to establish his business ‘Pottery to the Max’ which
has flourished, allowing him the freedom to continue to develop his creativity.

Max McAuley

52 Robinsons Rd Wilsons Creek, NSW 2482

(Park at top by sign and walk down long drive way.)

0421 675 474

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