09. Studio Suvira

Wide range of high fired table ware, tea wares and ceramic art.

Suvira’s work is a confluence of multiple ceramic techniques and disciplines: having produced a broad range of ceramics for 30 years. He fires work with wood or gas, maintaining an extensive palette of reduction glazes.

His work explores the relationship of ceramics with landscape in not only visual and thematic terms but also of materiality, the study of form and relevant surface treatments occupying his utmost attention. The wood fired works are fired for 3 days in anagama. Anagama translated from the Japanese means excavated kiln, implying a kiln traditionally hewn from the earth, constructed and re-buried, tunnel-like in the hillside. The fire rushes through the kiln – firing everything in its path, layering ash and causing a variety of gaseous and flame-induced firemarks on the ceramic surface.

It is a revisiting of traditional approaches; partly love for the physicality and the raw fire of the process but also for the magic of the results. We might describe it as an aesthetics-driven pyromania.

The surfaces allude to landscape, geology and a ‘micro-tectonic’ visual language exclusive to woodfired ceramics; the intensity of a three-day epic firing is borne out in the surface complexity.

His versatility becomes a practitioner who has been endlessly innovative over decades. With an individual and tireless creative force, he has been influenced by Asian traditions, his Australian peers and teachers as well as the operative market requirements of the time.

Suvira McDonald

28 Left Bank Road
Mullumbimby, NSW 2482

0402 125 922


All Pottery Studios 2020, Artist Talk, Demonstrations