2019 Mud Trail Registration

Calling all North Coast Potters!

Applications to be a part of the North Coast Mud Trail 2019 are now open, Ballina, Byron and Tweed Shire potters! 

The Mud Trail is part of the TACA Open Studios weekend held on

17th & 18th August, 2019.

Those wishing to be a part of the event must be members of TACA with insurance. Participation in the North Coast Mud Trail includes membership to the North Coast Ceramics Inc.

Contact Richard Jones on 6687 1900 or Jacqui Sos on 0411 424 031 for more details.


Strict closing date for North Coast Mud Trail applications is May 17th. 2019.

If you wish to participate in the Mud Trail please scroll down and read all the eligibility information on this page

Please go to www.australianceramicscommunity.com to fill out the TACA Open Studio form.

And go to www.northcoastmudtrail.com.au/ncc-inc to fill in the North Coast Mud Trail Application Form.


Eligibility Criteria

Must be a paid up member of The Australian Ceramics Association (TACA)
Fee is $120 standard per year. www.australianceramics.com

Must Register with TACA for the 2019 Open Studios Event
fee is $35 for individual. Register here. www.australianceramicscommunity.com

Must have your own current Public Liability Insurance (PLI)
You can get a decent rate on that as a member of TACA

Must be a practicing professional potter/ceramicist/artist.
Includes having a working pottery studio which people can visit and find educational and interesting as a destination.

Preference given to residents of the Byron Shire.
We may extend to Tweed Shire and/or Ballina Shire if we have spaces left (20 maximum studios)

Must be a member of the North Coast Ceramics Inc.
Membership is included with Mud Trail registration.


The Australian Ceramics Open Studio

The Australian Ceramics Open Studio (ACOS) is an annual, nation wide initiative of the Australian Ceramics Association (TACA) established in 2013. The North Coast Mud Trail (NCMT) formed in 2013 to collectively promote the vibrant ceramic community on the NSW Far North Coast who belong to The Australian Ceramics Association.

+ we are only accepting 20 studios (but you can group together to share a studio)
+ this is run as a volunteer group effort, and all must participate to help make it happen!

The North Coast Mud Trail

The North Coast Mud Trail operates in association with TACA and ACOS, however, it is co-ordinated entirely by volunteer potters on the NSW Far North Coast. To be included on the North Coast Mud Trail and its promotions first submit your entry with TACA, then if you wish to participate in the NCMT apply on this website.

> Application Form

Your Contribution

– $100 For individuals – or
– $200 pottery groups (up to 10 members)  – or
– $250 (groups 10+ members)
Includes $35 membership to NCC inc.

Fee to be paid via direct deposit into the treasures account. (details to be sent out to all studios who are confirmed)

This gives you a listing in the promo material. A page on the website with interactive map. Marketing and promotion as part of an established and popular annual event.

All money collected goes toward the printing and design/layout of brochures/posters. Plus the website hosting costs, and design/updates on the website, inc interactive maps. as well as all paid print media ads in local papers.

Your Responsibilities

It is a BIG job to make this happen. The fee does not pay for a head coordinator or event management team.. This is done as a group effort and you will be required to take part. We are all working potters taking part in the Mud Trail and will be busy with our own studios as well as making this event happen. Please be helpful and efficient as possible.

If you are unable to help with your time and efforts then you have the option to pay an extra $100 to contribute to the kitty (which will go towards more media or promotions)

Print deadlines are not moveable so please make sure to meet content deadlines!


We rely on sponsorship to help fund this event. Everyone is encouraged to approach a cafe or business near you to ask if they’d like to sponsor us.

> Sponsorship Registration Information and Form 

If you require any further information or assistance with participating in the Mud Trail, please contact Richard Jones on 6687 1900 or Jacqui Sos on 0411 424031.